About Harrismith

Harrismith village is located in Barbados, and famous for its turquoise water, whose crystal clarity is incredible! This increases the level of beach recreation, since the better the water, the more pleasant it is to be in it! But don't be too cool!

Kids friendly

Crane beach

Crane 0.4 km
Very good
Partly hotel beach • Easy access • Bright fine sand • Turquoise water • Small open area • Crowded in season
4.7 Amenities index
Senior friendly

Bottom Bay

Harrismith 0.7 km
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Picturesque • Easy access • White fine sand • Turquoise water
2.7 Amenities index
Pet friendly

Shark Hole beach

Belair 0.8 km
Free entrance • Virgin beach • Secluded relax • Easy access • Bright fine sand • Crowded in season
1 Amenities index
Good for Relax

Foul Bay

Foul Bay 0.6 km
Free entrance • Virgin beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Turquoise water • Distant parking
0.5 Amenities index

Deborah Bay

Belair 0.5 km
Free entrance • Virgin beach • Easy access • Bright fine sand • Turquoise water • Fine sand bottom
1 Amenities index

Harrismith beach

Harrismith 0.5 km
Free entrance • Virgin beach • Bright fine sand • Turquoise water • Difficult access • No parking
0 Amenities index

Resting by the sea for each traveler is associated with different activities. Someone loves complete relaxation and silence, while others need activity. Our configurator will always help you choose a beach that meets your personal needs.

If a beach holiday for you is primarily the sound of the surf, the cries of seagulls over the pier and leisurely walks along the coast, then you are definitely a fan of calm beaches. The most popular beaches for such a holiday in the vicinity of Harrismith are Crane beach, Foul Bay, Bath beach.

The list of available beach activities is certainly important, but for many travelers it is not a determining factor when choosing a vacation spot. Below you will find some information about the natural features of the beaches of Harrismith, we hope that this information will help you find the place of your dreams.

The beaches of village are mainly wide. According to reviews of major beach experts and vacationers, most beaches have a medium level of cleanliness. Fine sandy beaches dominate the rest!

Usually, the depth increases very smoothly. If this is important to you, always use our filter to check for a particular beach.

Latest reviews on Harrismith's beaches

Crane beach
9 Jorie Centoro

Definitely worth a trip to this beach. The waves are impressively high, making it perfect for lounging and wading in the water. While it may not be the most family-friendly spot, the stunning scenery more than makes up for it. As we descended the stairs from the cliff, we were delighted to find someone serving up freshly-made coconut drinks. It was truly an incredible experience!

Bottom Bay
10 Tarek Frosen

Bottom Bay Beach is a true treasure that is easily accessible. The app accurately directs you to the beach, and there is parking available in an unpaved area that can fit a few cars. The stone steps leading to the beach are beautifully capped with intricate land coral fingerprints. As you make your way down the footpath lined with a dense canopy of trees, you'll be greeted by a visually stunning beach with ample white sand. The sky-high coconut trees sway in the strong wind, adding to the beach's natural beauty. The water is clean and refreshing, but the waves can be quite strong, so it's not recommended for major swimming. Additionally, there is a small cave tucked away in the undercut of the cliff. Overall, Bottom Bay Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy a serene and picturesque beach experience.

Harrismith beach
8 Avery Jones

This is a charming and secluded spot, ideal for a peaceful retreat.

Shark Hole beach
10 Donovan Roderick

The beach is stunning, but it can be perilous due to the sharp rocks and rough sea. It's a great spot for experienced fishers, but caution is advised. Additionally, the beach is easily accessible.

Foul Bay
10 Eve S.

This beach is an excellent spot for both relaxation under the shade of trees and for getting some exercise on the long stretch of golden sand.

Bath beach
9 Stislav Korinek

Bath Beach is a beloved destination for both tourists and locals alike, exuding a serene atmosphere. The gentle sound of a small waterfall trickling into the ocean is incredibly soothing, lulling me into a peaceful slumber every time I visit this locale. As I stroll along the shore, the sensation of walking on pebbles and rocks of various sizes is akin to walking on a bed of powdered sugar. The sand is so fine and delicate that it appears to be a sugar coating on the water's edge.

The warmest month during the year in this area is September, with the air temperature rising up to 29.2°C and the water temperature up to 29.5°C. The coldest month is January, with the air temperature dropping down to 26.6°C and the water temperature down to 27.1°C. The temperature of the air and water allows for comfortable rest in the village all year round, which tourists and locals enjoy with pleasure and benefit.