About Garapua

Garapua village is located in Bahia Brazil, and famous for its turquoise water, whose crystal clarity is incredible! This increases the level of beach recreation, since the better the water, the more pleasant it is to be in it! But don't be too cool!

Senior friendly
Very good
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright fine sand • Turquoise pure water • Crowded in season
7.8 Amenities index
Senior friendly
Very good
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Turquoise pure water • Large low tide
6.8 Amenities index
Good for Relax
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Large low tide • Sand & Rocks bottom
4.4 Amenities index

Resting by the sea for each traveler is associated with different activities. Someone loves complete relaxation and silence, while others need activity. Our configurator will always help you choose a beach that meets your personal needs.

If a beach holiday for you is primarily the sound of the surf, the cries of seagulls over the pier and leisurely walks along the coast, then you are definitely a fan of calm beaches. The most popular beaches for such a holiday in the vicinity of Garapua are Gamboa Beach, Garapua Beach, Quarta Beach.

The list of available beach activities is certainly important, but for many travelers it is not a determining factor when choosing a vacation spot. Below you will find some information about the natural features of the beaches of Garapua, we hope that this information will help you find the place of your dreams.

The beaches of village are mainly wide. According to reviews of major beach experts and vacationers, most beaches have a high level of cleanliness. Sandy beaches dominate the rest!

As pebble rocky beaches are common here, it's recommended to bring aqua shoes if you're sensitive to it. This way, your vacation will be as comfortable as possible.

Usually, the depth increases very smoothly. If this is important to you, always use our filter to check for a particular beach.

2 out of 3 beaches in Garapua are partially protected from waves. These protections can be natural or man-made structures. If you're visiting the area during unstable weather, we recommend carefully choosing a place to swim, as high waves may not always be safe. Our filter can help you find a suitable beach.

It's worth noting that 2 beaches in Garapua have a significant tidal range. This means that the water can recede from the shore for a long distance and vice versa, causing unexpected situations for you or your belongings. Keep this in mind when planning your beach activities and be sure to check our filter for information on tidal ranges.

Latest reviews on Garapua's beaches

Garapua Beach
9 Rodriguez Kennedy

Nana's eatery situated on the pristine Garapuá beach is an absolute delight for all the senses. The picturesque views of the turquoise waters and the gentle sea breeze create a serene ambiance that is hard to resist. The restaurant's delectable cuisine is a perfect blend of local flavors and international delicacies, which are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The staff is friendly and welcoming, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. So, if you're looking for a perfect spot to unwind and indulge in some mouth-watering food, Nana's restaurant at Garapuá beach is the place to be!

Quarta Beach
9 Lia Anson

I absolutely adored this beach! It's a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the town center, with a blissful lack of crowds. The only downside is that it's only accessible by foot, making it unsuitable for those with limited mobility. Nonetheless, it's well worth the trek. There are a few bars that I believe serve food, although I didn't partake. While it may not be the ideal spot for watching the sunset, it's a perfect destination for a tranquil morning or afternoon, with the best time to visit being before 4:30 or 5:00 pm.

The warmest month during the year in this area is March, with the air temperature rising up to 28.2°C and the water temperature up to 28.8°C. The coldest month is August, with the air temperature dropping down to 24.9°C and the water temperature down to 25.6°C. The temperature of the air and water allows for comfortable rest in the village all year round, which tourists and locals enjoy with pleasure and benefit.